Haiti Ministries

Rhema International Ministries is the ecclesiastical division of Rhema International, Inc. founded as a USA registered charity in 1977. The charitable missionary work of RHEMA began in the Republic of Haiti after J. Peter and Patricia Gruits visited the island in 1975, as part of a vacation excursion. Little did they know this exploratory trip would forever change the course of their lives. The pioneering of this new and bold adventure began in 1977 with a clear focus to restore hope through education and medical aid.

Many dedicated men and women joined Peter and Patricia Gruits to help bring this vision to fulfillment. By 1991, two modern medical centers, a Bible- Vocational School and a church were in full operation in Haiti.

When Peter Gruits suffered a fatal heart attack in 1989 enroute to Haiti, his wife, Patricia continued as leader of the organization. The Medical Center in Bocozelle, Haiti stands as a memorial to Peter’s memory.

The RHEMA organizations continue to grow and expand in the USA, Canada and Haiti. It’s humanitarian, educational and spiritual work is recognized internationally for quality and integrity.

RHEMA INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES recognizes the need for a strong, spiritual foundation as the cornerstone for any successful missionary work. Student participation in evangelism is encouraged at our medical centers.